Rig Repair and Tool Fabrication

We understand the complexity of the drilling industry and the strain put on your equipment. Our own need for in house maintenance and repair coupled with our constant striving for increased efficiency has lead to the development of our full service repair and specialty tool fabrication shop. Everyone knows the devastating effects of downtime and how lacking proper tools can squelch any appearance of competency. An unrelenting strategy of investing profits back into our own capabilities has availed us the opportunity to provide repair services for drilling and trenching equipment as well as custom manufacturing of specialty tools.

Ground Source Geothermal drilling is similar to drilling slim hole water wells but requires different tools for installing the loop into the borehole and properly grouting the borehole. When we order a drilling rig, we start with a basic stripped down version of a water well rig. We then bring it to our shop and begin the process of turning it into a machine specifically tooled for geothermal loop installation.

We install sand line winches and loop insertion tools. These tools are the key to keeping loops straight in the borehole and often eliminate the need for steel weights to be left in the borehole.

We also add a hydraulic water pump and water lines to disperse water to desired connections at needed flow rates. This increases site readiness and mud drilling efficiency. Waiting on a garden hose for make up water is just not efficient. This also enables us to fill loops with fresh water and avoid potential contaminants inside the loop piping.

We then add piston style pressure grouters and our own on board grout hose reel. The single most important factor in geothermal drilling is proper grouting. Having the tremie hose on a deck mounted hydraulic reel allows the tremie hose to be inserted fully into the borehole with ease. Geothermal bores are drilled to different depths depending on circumstances, so we mark the hose in appropriate increments so that we can be sure the tremie pipe did in fact reach the bottom of the hole, not just a tight spot.

We build our own mud recirculation tubs and air cuttings diverters. Here you see a mud tub complete with a mud mixer, de-sander and cuttings removal tray. We are currently working with Mud Puppy and Mud Technologies companies to design a multi hole enhanced water reclamation system. Cleaner safer work sites requiring less strenuous physical labor are among our top priorities for the future of geothermal drilling.

We extend the bumpers of the rigs out making a place to store mud and snow chains. This also creates a safe place for on the job site maintenance and inspection of the rig's crown when the mast is laid down. The importance of regularly inspecting winch cables cannot be over emphasized.

We built a dual tank double batch capacity grout pump that has been proven to keep up with three drilling rigs. Many drillers have complained that mixing thermally enhanced grout is too time consuming. With our dual tank desing, one batch is mixing while another batch is being pumped. This insures consistant mixes are pumped into the borehole with minimal loss of time. We are able to use up to a 9 to 1 ratio of silica sand and bentonite grout to fill a 300' borehole in around 30 minutes.We also build vertical and horizontal pipe reels. These are used to increase efficiency in horizontal and directional drilled loop fields. They are especially handy when working with large rolls of 1 1/4" and 2" and 3" HDPE pipe.

If you are new in the Geothermal Drilling Industry, please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or advice you need. If you share our passion for doing the best work and have a genuine commitment to protecting ground water reasources, we would be honored to share our wealth of experience and technicological advancements with you.