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Pond & Lake Installation Options

Pond Installation

Durbin Geothermal offers traditional pond loops as well as our own innovative Aqua Rack systems. While pond loops remain the most efficient type of loop there is still a noticeable difference in heat transfer rates between silt and water. If half of a loop is in silt and the other half is in water, there can be a loss of efficiency. Aqua Rack pond loops are specially designed and built to keep the loops above the silt layer and below the freeze layer. The coils are stood vertically and strapped in place insuring the best possible spacing for maximum heat transfer and water flow between coils. We recommend a minimum pond depth of 12’ of water to use this method. For traditional pond loops, more pipe is used and an 8’ minimum depth is required. Any pond considered for a loop should have at least 1/3 acre of surface area.

Pond Installation

Aqua Rack pond loops are also available for sale. They can be picked up from our shop or delivery can be arranged. This simplified solution will save you valuable time on your next pond loop installation.

Aqua Racks up to 6 tons are built to fit on a standard car trailer.

  • Simply back the trailer up to the pond
  • Loop a rope to the back end of the rack
  • Fuse on your coiled supply and return pipes
  • Pull the rack across the pond to its desired location
  • Add weights to header pipes as you go
  • Excavate to building
  • Complete necessary inside piping
  • Use your flush cart to fill and sink the Aqua Rack