Horizontal Loop Installation Options

Durbin Geothermal offers several excavating methods for your horizontal loop field. We have encountered many different soil and site conditions, and are confident we can offer an effective solution for your loop field needs. The chart below shows the available options and space needed for installation of each.

Open Cut Trench Options

Chain Trencher

Chain Trencher

Width6-8 ft
Depth4 ft out, 6 ft back
Length250 ft
Tons per Trench1
Distance Between8-10 ft
500 ft coils are used with trenchers


WidthDepthLengthTons per TrenchDistance Between
30 in4 ft out, 6 ft back300 ft210-12 ft
30 in4 ft out, 6 ft back150 ft110-12 ft
54 in Slinky5 ft150 ft112 ft minimum
600 ft coils are used with excavators

Directional Boring is also available.