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We provide residential services to this region:

We provide services in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, and Missouri

Commercial services are available throughout the Midwest region. Please contact us for more information.

Illinois State Codes

Illinois Dept. of Public Health Setbacks for Closed Loop Wells
Private Water Well:   75 Feet
Public or Neighbor’s Well:   200 Feet
Abandoned Water Well:   200 Feet
Septic tank:   50 Feet
Sewer pipe:   10 Feet
Leach field:   75 Feet
Horizontal Loop Piping Must Be 25 feet away from any water well.

Indiana State Codes

Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources Setbacks for Closed Loop Wells
As far away as “practicable” from any known contamination source or high yield well.

Iowa State Codes

Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources Setbacks for Closed Loop Wells
Lagoons or waste treatment facilities and sanitary landfills:   1,000 Feet
Cesspools:   150 Feet
Preparation or storage area for spray materials, commercial fertilizers or chemicals that may result in groundwater contamination:   150 Feet
Drainage or improperly abandoned wells:   100 Feet
Soil absorption field, pit privy or similar disposal unit:   100 Feet
Confined feeding operations:   100 Feet
Septic tank, concrete vault privy, sewer or tightly joined tile or equivalent material, sewer-connected foundation drain, or sewers under pressure:   50 Feet
Ditches, streams or lakes:   25 Feet
Sewer of cast iron with leaded or mechanical joints, independent clear water drains, or cisterns:   10 Feet
Pumphouse floor drain draining to ground surface (Drains must not be connected to any sewer or drainage system.):   5 Feet

Kentucky State Codes

No information is currently available.

Missouri State Codes

Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources Setbacks for Closed Loop Wells
Storage area for commercial fertilizers or chemicals, landfill, lagoon, or above-ground or underground storage tank for petroleum, petroleum products or chemicals:   300 Feet
Below grade manure storage area, cesspool, unplugged abandoned well, subsurface disposal field (lateral field), grave, building or yard used for livestock or poultry, privy or other contaminants that may drain into the ground:   100 Feet
Existing operating well, septic tank, buried sewer, a pit or unfilled space below ground surface, a sump, except that a well may be drilled closer than fifty feet (50') to a basement or heat pump well:   50 Feet