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Pond & Lake Installation

Installation Options

When properly installed in a pond or lake of adequate depth a pond loop provides the most efficient heat transfer of the three types of loops available. Being submerged completely in water gives pond loops the highest possible rate of heat transfer. Ponds should be over 8 feet deep and should have at least 1/3 acre of surface area to be considered.

Pond Closed Loop Installation

A traditional pond loop is installed by floating coils of HDPE pipe into the pond. Short pieces of scrap pipe are inserted into the coils between layers of pipe until the height of the coils has been doubled. The coils are then spaced two to three feet apart. To overcome the natural buoyancy of the pipe, four concrete blocks are tied to each coil with nylon straps. Ropes can then be tied around the assembled loop to pull it to the desired location in the pond. Concrete blocks are tied to the supply and return headers as they are pulled into the pond. Filling the entire system with water will then sink the loop to the bottom. As a rule of thumb, if a horizontal loop will fit between your house and pond, you may not want a pond loop.