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Drillers with a Customer Service Department

Company History

Durbin Geothermal is a family owned company. We got our start in Ground Source Geothermal Loop installation in 2000 when our founder, Sam Durbin was building his own home. He was told there was a 6 month backlog before a loop could be drilled. Durbin Enterprises Inc was a successful trucking and excavating business with many of the machines and tools necessary to install geothermal loops. His home was near a small, relatively shallow oil patch in Central Illinois. He bought an older Failings 1500 Holemaster drilling rig then hired a local man with drilling experience and his two sons, Dom and Robert. We reached out to Geothermal HVAC equipment manufacturers to teach us how to combine our knowledge of dirt and excavating with their methods of transferring heat with the earth.

Through the years we have grown to keep up with the industry's demands. Our constant innovation and reinvestment into our personnel and equipment has made Durbin Geothermal the preferred choice among ground source geothermal system installers throughout the Midwest USA. We currently have 7 vertical drilling units, 1 horizontal directional drilling unit, several excavators and trenchers, as well as a full compliment of support trucks and tools.

Our most valuable asset is our employees and their knowledge of diversified loop installation methods and site construction needs. Our history is the key to your smooth and successful ground source geothermal project.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality drilling, trenching, excavating, or directional boring methods available to install the most efficient ground source heat exchanger systems for the least possible cost.

We understand that "cost" does not always come in dollar form so we strive to be receptive to our clients' concerns and develop installation procedures that meet and exceed IGSHPA and NGWA standards while keeping site footprints to a minimum. We cherish our human resources and groundwater resources. Our beliefs in maintaining personnel safety and groundwater integrity give our clients assurance that when Durbin Geothermal is on the job, a professional, responsive, courteous, and enthusiastic certified team will safely complete the project on time and on budget.